•  “Back in the day, I worked on Flight Unlimited III making cockpit and interior art. Our developers would have killed for the kind of editor tools you’re providing with UnityFS!”
  • “I have to say, this is one of the few assets I’ve bought in the past few months that’s actually worth more than I paid.”
  • “Just checked it out and it’s really nice. I didn’t think this was possible with Unity, but I can say you have the only real flight simulator out there.”
  • “Awesome package! I think this is the most realistic flight simulation package in Unity Store. And I really like the workflow of setting up the wings, control surfaces, CoG, etc. very impressive.”
  • “Been playing with this Asset for the last 2 weeks and I have to say its a tremendous package that has AAA support from the author Chris.Its been a breeze to follow his tutorials to get a model rigged up from scratch to having your playing flying in game in no time.I had my first attempt fully rigged and flying in less than 2 hrs (Following along to his video tutorials).”
  • “In the short time I’ve had it, I can say it is very realistic, and the only real flight sim on the asset store or elsewhere. Don’t let the low price fool you, it’s very complete and worth every penny. Support requests were answered immediaely, thank you.”
  • “Let me start off by saying WOW!  This is the most realistic, configurable, true to life flight physics asset you can find and the price is unbeatable anywhere. Configure an unlimited amount of aircrafts from little crop dusters to 747’s to that crazy flying contraption you imagined in your head when you were young. UnityFS makes it very easy to get up in the air flying around your scene with ease. Couple this awesome asset with TerrainComposer and/or WorldComposer and you’ve got yourself a near fully functional flight simulator.A+ for having excellent documentation. A+ for the excellent customer support from the developer. A+ for realistic flight physics. A+ for including a free fully-rigged aircraft with the purchase. A+ for thinking about every little detail that is needed for realistic flight. All the hype, all the teasers and all the talk about this flight engine has finally manifested itself before our eyes. I’ve been waiting patiently for this to come out and now that’s it on the asset store I can finally sleep at night.  Don’t waste your time on anything else available here on the asset store. I bought everything that claimed to be flight physics hoping to study the programming a bit further only to be disappointed with the fact that all they really achieved was rotating a game object along an axis based on axis input. While this style of flight is certainly applicable for non-realistic arcade games it is not feasable when making realistic simulations. THANK-YOU UnityFS for coming in to my life.”

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