Unity FS – Available NOW on the Unity Asset Store

Version 1.04 Features


Full Mobile Support

  • Integrate UnityFS quickly and easily with your iOS and Android games.
  • Powerful scalability means scaling UnityFS to meet your platform cpu requirements is as simple as sliding a slider.


Flight Dynamics Engine

  • Previously unseen simulation accuracy in Unity – use real world wind tunnel data to drive your models and watch your wings react just like their real world counterparts.
  • Fully modelled primary and secondary effects of controls – just be careful not to stall and spin as you take flight!
  • Fully scalable physics system for superior accuracy on pc and lightening speed on mobile.
  • JavaFoil and X-Plane .afl integration. Import and create custom aerofoils with powerful third party software.



Powerful Editor Extensions

  • Create complex wing shapes with twist, dihedral, washout, and sweep.
  • Unlimited number of Wings or Engine components means the only limit is your imagination.
  • From 0 to fully working aircraft with 0 lines of code.


Seemless Integration

  • UnityFS is truly modular, extract the package and be flying around your existing projects and environments within seconds.
  • Combine with World Composer to turn your simple flying game into a AAA Flight Simulator.


Aerofoil Library

  • Drag and Drop library of over 1000 real world aerofoils making realistic aircraft models a breeze.


Animation and Audio

  • From wheels rumbling as you hit the tarmac to engine screams as you dive towards the ground, UnityFS has powerful audio support and example sounds to quickly drop on to your aircraft.
  • Landing Gear, ailerons, elevator and rudder can all be rigged and animated to bring your aircraft to life with fully moving parts.


Virtual Cockpit

  • Panels, guages, moving rudder pedals and yoke are all supported delivering the complete flight simulator experience.



Support and Updates

  • Frequent updates, tutorials, documentation, feature requests and email support are all included for life when you purchase UnityFS.




  • UnityFS uses the standard Unity Asset Store ‘per seat’ license.




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